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As South Dakota’s leading commercial, residential, and decorative concrete service provider since 1946, Brooks Construction knows concrete—even concrete domes!

So, why consider a concrete dome for your next home?

Simply put, our domes are heavily insulated steel-reinforced concrete structures that offer everything you could want in a home:

  • Architecturally sized and customized to fit your exact needs
  • Provide FEMA-level protection from tornadoes, fires, floods, and other disasters
  • Insulated with high-grade foam for year-round energy efficiency
  • Feature an all-weather outer shell that outlasts conventional roofing
  • Unique architecture provides fresh opportunities for beautification—both inside and out
  • Competitively priced with traditional home construction

We are so excited to bring this innovative construction method to the region that we now offer FREE tours of our demo dome, located in Sioux Falls. 

Schedule your tour today using the form on this page or by calling 605-368-5447.

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