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Brooks Construction has experience with all types of concrete, including pervious concrete.

Like conventional concrete, pervious concrete is made from a mixture of cement, aggregates, and water. However, pervious concrete contains very little if any sand, which results in a porous structure that allows for the passage of water.

As a result, pervious concrete has a lot of environmental benefits. For example, it can allow large amounts of stormwater to pass through into retention gravel or the underlying soil. The advantage of pervious concrete in this scenario is that it prevents polluted runoff from draining directly into nearby ponds and streams. And it helps purify the water as it permeates the water table. 

As the EPA and local communities issue more stringent watershed regulations, pervious concrete is a highly viable solution to help protect the environment. In addition to reducing harmful runoff, pervious concrete replenishes natural groundwater, channels additional water to tree roots and landscaping, and reduces hydrocarbon pollution from asphalt and sealers. 

The concrete experts at Brooks Construction are experienced in evaluating your underlying soil to see if it’s suitable for higher amounts of runoff allowed by pervious concrete. We often recommend pouring pervious concrete thicker than conventional concrete to account for the inevitable saturated subgrade. As a result, pervious concrete may require a higher initial cost. Still, over time, the total price is lower due to the benefits of its inherent porous properties.

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