What Makes Concrete Domes Perfect Homes

Concrete Domes with polyurethane insulation and concrete walls are incredibly efficient and easy to maintain.

Are you in the market for an efficient, low-maintenance alternative living option? Concrete domes make perfect structures to reduce the upkeep and energy costs associated with conventional homes. But even if you’re not familiar with these incredible structures, it’s easy to see why they’ve become such a popular option.

What Is a Concrete Dome Home?

Simply put, our homes are insulated dome-shaped structures made of steel-reinforced concrete. They are safe, long-lasting, energy-efficient, and built at a competitive cost compared with conventional construction. And these qualities have made these domes perfect for people that want something sustainable, sturdy, and affordable.

What Makes Concrete Domes Unique

Concrete domes have so many advantages over your usual boxy homes. And the unique look of these homes is just one of those reasons people seek these fascinating structures. If you’re looking for a custom home that truly stands out from the crowd, concrete domes are the perfect option.

More than anything, though, the functionality and sheer strength of these homes is the biggest draw for homeowners. The real beauty of these homes is in the security they create for families.

Strong and Durable

Our concrete domes meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standard for providing near-absolute protection from various natural disasters, including tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, and more. In a nutshell, they are virtually indestructible when faced with extreme weather conditions.

Easy to Maintain

Our concrete domes’ inherent durability nearly eliminates the need for tiresome, regular maintenance

A dome’s shape translates to far less surface area, often requiring as little as half or 25% of the materials needed to construct a typical home. That means fewer materials to maintain. And less maintenance means reduced costs, making it the ideal retirement property or investment.

Energy Efficient

A study conducted in 2016 discovered that the utility savings of a 50-foot Virginia Ellipsoid house amounted to $2,500 for over five years compared to average homes. 

A concrete dome home is a micro-energy user. It requires minimal energy to maintain a comfortable surrounding—almost three times less than conventional construction. Additionally, it takes less energy to heat or cool a concrete dome structure than a metal building or traditional home.

What Makes The Concrete Dome Home Stand Out?

A dome home is a statement property that does not resemble anything close to conventional home construction. It is not restricted by location or climate, and in terms of energy consumption, a dome home performs well in any environment.

From Alabama foothills to Oklahoma plains, concrete domes have made eye-catching homes for people with a flare for the unique and unusual. But in every case, the home is comfortable, welcoming, and customized for the landscape in which it was built.

And that’s by design: every single dome home is a custom build. With no structural elements needed inside the concrete domes, homeowners can build anything they want. When you step into a dome home, you’re stepping into a one-of-a-kind experience.

Bottom Line

Concrete domes are used around the world because they are both efficient and easy to maintain. And because they are an ideal alternative living option for individuals of all classes and age groups, they make an excellent long-term investment.

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