Decorative Services: Dyes

Concrete dye is a versatile element when it comes to achieving the correct color balance in decorative concrete. Unlike concrete stains, which generate unique colors based on specific chemical reactions within a mix, dyes are nonreactive and penetrate the concrete to distribute color. And our dyes leave little residue, requiring minimal cleanup for efficient application.

The color variance achieved with concrete dyes is broad, ranging from monotone to translucent. Water-based dyes generally produce a marbled look, while solvent-based dyes are more uniform in color.

Because dyes penetrate very quickly, they leave little room for error and should only be applied by an expert. Also, concrete dyes do not withstand UV rays, so we generally recommend that they only be used indoors.

Fortunately, the team at Brooks Construction is skilled in concrete dye application, with the experience to know where this decorative concrete treatment will benefit your project the most.

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