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A concrete dome is one of the strongest and safest structures known to man.

A dome’s construction process involves concrete walls reinforced with steel rebar. This factor, along with a concrete dome’s inherent aerodynamic shape and shock absorbing characteristics, means a concrete dome can withstand tornadic and hurricane-force winds. 

To illustrate this point, consider how our model concrete dome withstood straight-line winds of over 100 mph during a spring storm in May 2022. The same storm was responsible for claiming three lives in our area.

As shown in the photo below, winds peeled back the roof of our warehouse, but our concrete dome remained utterly unscathed.

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The proven safety and security characteristics of concrete domes meet the FEMA requirements of an official “safe room,” providing “near-absolute protection” from natural disasters. For example, in 2005 and 2006, when wildfires ravaged Texas and Oklahoma, many dome homes were unaffected other than mild charring on their exteriors. And during Hurricane Dennis in 2005, several concrete dome homes in Florida survived the same direct hit that destroyed other conventional houses in the same area.

And because concrete domes can withstand gunfire, explosions, and other attacks, they are popular with those who plan to shelter in place during potential future conflicts or social unrest.

No structure in the world is as strong or long-lasting as a steel-reinforced concrete dome. Want to learn more? Fill out the form on this page to schedule a personal dome tour!

Dome home after Hurricane Dennis in 2005
A concrete dome home after Hurricane Dennis in 2005