Meet Your Forever Home

A home is likely the most significant investment you will ever make. Yet conventional new home construction brings centuries-old problems that impact both builders and buyers:

  • Materials and processes are costly
  • Structures require increased maintenance over time
  • Energy-efficiency comes at a high cost
  • Fire, tornados, and rot can destroy or compromise conventional structures

With a dome home from KingDome Builders, these age-old problems are things of the past.

Why consider a dome home?

A concrete dome home from KingDome Builders is the most versatile and complete structure on the market.

Customizable Structure

Learn how we can customize a dome home for your unique needs.

Safe & Secure

Learn why concrete domes are among the safest structures in the world.

Efficiency & Low Maintenance

Learn what makes a concrete dome home so efficient and easy to maintain.

Construction Process

Learn more about how we construct our concrete dome homes.