Efficiency & Low Maintenance


Concrete dome homes are some of the most energy-efficient structures available.

The high-grade insulating foam used in the construction process and domes’ inherent properties make these structures extremely energy-efficient in summer and winter. For example, did you know that a concrete dome usually costs around 50% less to heat and cool than a comparable conventional building? That adds up to incredible savings over the life of the building.

How is this possible? Beyond insulating foam, a dome covers more space using less material, meaning concrete domes have the highest ratio of internal volume to external surface area. And less surface area means there is less opportunity for interior conditioned interior air to escape. 

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Domes are also aerodynamic, allowing cold winter winds to flow over their exterior shell, not getting hung up and zapping interior heat. This characteristic, combined with the airtight qualities of a dome, means wind chill is a non-factor.

uninterrupted airflow

And the shape of a dome promotes exceptional interior air circulation, helping to keep interior temperatures even and consistent throughout the home.

Low Maintenance

The outer airform, when left untreated, can last as long as 30 years or more. But with treatment such as paint or the addition of tile, brick, or stone, this all-weather shell will last much longer.

In an age of cookie-cutter homes, a dome home from KingDome Builders is an opportunity for builders and homeowners alike to build a unique home that is both efficient and safe. And with endless options to customize your build, a long-lasting dome home can not only be a dream home but a forever home.

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