Home Is Where The Dome Is: What Makes Dome Homes Better?

What makes dome homes better? As the Eye of the Storm - an iconic concrete dome in South Carolina - demonstrates, just about everything.

A home is a place that we all crave. It’s a comfortable place where you can kick up your feet and relax. It’s a safe place to sleep, eat, and make memories. And it’s the one location in the world where you can completely be yourself. A home is more than just a building: it’s a haven for your soul. And for us, that haven is perfected in dome homes.

So what makes dome homes better than your typical boxy homes? Plenty. We’re taking a good look at some of the most important qualities and benefits dome homes have to offer, and we’re seeing how they stack up against conventional construction homes to help you find out what’s best for you.

What Makes Dome Homes Better?

To put it simply, it starts at the foundation. Every square inch of our dome homes is built with amazing strength and durability. But it’s more than just the structure that counts. Someone looking for a unique home that also offers unbelievable energy efficiency can stop looking once they find a dome home. From its shape to its materials, you can’t find anything that competes with dome homes.

Right Angles versus Domes

Domes have a distinct advantage over their square counterparts. Conventional homes have flat surfaces and eves that catch wind and channel drafts into the house through turbulence. But domes, with their aerodynamic shape, allow the air to pass over with little friction or resistance. This has two major benefits:

1: Energy costs are reduced because the dome shape allows cold drafts to pass over instead of being caught in the angles of conventional home designs. Inside, that same dome shape facilitates natural convection, keeping the temperature even throughout the entire home.

2: In strong winds, the curve of the dome keeps winds from tearing apart its structure. When conventional homes encounter the same winds, their roofs can be ripped off completely. Domes simply don’t have that problem.

Cookie Cutter versus Custom Design

Even with some completely custom designs for conventional homes, you’re still getting just another house on the block. Extra eves or glassy facades may seem unique, but every conventional home has to follow a basic set of architectural rules to keep from falling under its own weight.

Dome homes, from top to bottom, are always custom builds. Every airform is custom designed and fabricated, allowing you to build whatever your imagination desires. But it doesn’t stop there: inside, there are no structural walls or columns, leaving a blank canvas for your dream home.

The only limitation for your dome home is what you can dream up.

Anxiety versus Confidence

When severe weather strikes, your conventional home has a good chance of suffering damage. Flooding, winds, hail, tornadoes, and hurricanes can all destroy a home. But dome homes are better in every way against natural disasters.

The steel-reinforced concrete within a dome home guarantees it will be safe against everything from 100-mile-per-hour winds to earthquakes. And since the materials are inert, even wildfires have little effect on dome homes. No conventional home can say the same.

Wasteful versus Efficient

Although it may seem like polyurethane foam could make domes less green than other build options, the truth is that dome homes are less environmentally harmful than almost any other building today. The concrete can be made from recycled materials, and the lifespan of the dome home is counted in centuries.

But the short-term gains are also significant. With its airtight design and high-heat-mass construction, you’ll be paying less than 50 percent of your typical energy and utility bills. That kind of efficiency isn’t possible with conventional homes. Top that off with a design that can be completely hypoallergenic and you have a home that stands above the boxy houses around you.

Maintenance versus Durability

Every homeowner knows the misery of trying to keep up with all the repairs and maintenance of a home. Siding, paint, shingles, drywall. With so many different building components, your typical house starts falling apart within the first few years of living in it. This is not the case with dome houses.

With only inert materials and a durable outer airform, you could expect only minor repairs and maintenance for decades. You may have to patch a couple of spots in the airform, but beyond this, the house is nearly maintenance-free.

Expense versus Investment

In years past, dome homes were more affordable to build per square foot than conventional houses. But within the past three years, the numbers have evened out between the two. Still, does that mean your dome home is too expensive?

Certainly not! The initial investment may be similar, but the benefits in savings, safety, durability, and maintenance make dome homes a much better investment long-term. Building a custom home may cost $250 or more per square foot, much like a dome home. But a dome home will save you money on repairs, upkeep, and energy costs.

In all honesty, the dome home is a much better investment from the day it’s built. It’s worth every penny to have the safety, comfort, and unique look of a dome home.

Is a Dome Home Better for You?

If you’re not sure about investing in a dome home for yourself, that’s alright. They’re not for everyone. Their unique style, fully customizable design, and high-quality materials often keep them out of reach for homeowners.

There’s no way to keep up with your neighbors when your home is miles ahead of theirs in keeping your family comfortable and secure. And if you like repairing and tinkering, you’ll be out of extra activities with one of these homes. It’s no dream home for people who need to keep their hands busy. But for people who want to spend their time on the more important things in life, a dome home is perfect.

Want to see a dome home in person? Right here on the outskirts of Sioux Falls, we have our very own tiny dome home. It’s ready for guided tours, and all it takes is a phone call to set up a time to visit. We’re incredibly proud of what we build, and we go to great lengths to create the most beautiful and reliable homes available today. Call, message, or email us today to start planning out your perfect home!