Concrete Domes: Low Maintenance Home Construction At Its Best

Concrete Dome Homes: Low Maintenance Home Construction At Its Best

Homeowners know that maintenance is one of the most time-consuming parts of home ownership. Whether it’s a new home or a home with a hundred years of heritage, you’ll need to keep working on it to maintain both its purpose and beauty. But what if you had such a low maintenance home that it virtually maintained itself?

Concrete dome homes and buildings offer just this. With specialized construction processes, carefully engineered architecture, and durable materials, owners of concrete domes save time and money with these low maintenance homes. Here are some of the benefits dome structures offer their owners.

Low Material Requirements Means Low Maintenance Homes

Concrete dome construction requires as little as 25 percent of the building materials of traditional homes. This translates to less surface area, fewer points of failure, and less cost. For homeowners, less material in the home means a low maintenance home: lower costs and lower requirements. When there is less to break, less to replace, and less to keep clean, you can spend your time and money on more enjoyable projects and hobbies. And if you have a dome for agricultural, educational, or athletic purposes, it means a higher return on investment year over year when most traditional facilities would start falling apart.

Top-Notch Moisture Barrier

Mold is a major concern, especially in older homes and buildings. If you’re storing food or grain, it could cost you a fortune if you can’t catch it on time. This is not the case with concrete dome construction. While heating and cooling concerns don’t require an insulated foundation in these structures, spray foam insulation eliminates the temperature difference between the air inside the structure and the concrete foundation. There is no moisture condensation when the concrete is the same temperature as the interior. Not only that, but the shotcrete and spray foam walls create a natural moisture barrier, defending anything inside from mold, mildew, and moisture contamination. It’s a significant benefit for both low maintenance homes and storage facilities.

Low Maintenance and Upkeep Requirements

Since concrete and spray foam are nearly indestructible, there are almost no upkeep requirements for these parts of the structure. The exterior airform requires only a light annual cleaning using dish soap, water, and a car brush. Permanent siding on traditional homes may seem maintenance-free, but it needs to be painted every few years to remain weathertight. The airform is a low maintenance home solution for both residential and commercial buildings.

Minimal and Simple Repairs

Concrete dome construction’s rigid and durable nature translates to almost no repair needs, even in the fiercest weather conditions. And even when repairs are necessary, most repairs are quick and simple with the right tools and knowledge. The most common repair needs are small rips and blisters in the airform, and both of these can be fixed with either a simple venting process or some glue, a heat gun, and some extra airform material.

Nonconventional structures seem scary to think about at first, but the amazing thing about concrete domes is that they reduce many of the concerns homeowners face when maintaining traditional structures. Commercial investors can also rest easy knowing that their products and supplies will stay safe in any weather condition with little time or cost requirements for these extremely low-maintenance buildings.

See For Yourself

If you’re new to the concept of ultra low maintenance homes or concrete dome construction, or if you’ve been thinking about this innovative solution but aren’t yet sure if it’s right for you, KingDome Builders of Brooks Construction has a demo dome available for tours. Our experts will guide you through our Sioux Falls-based dome and show you in person how these unique structures save on energy costs, reduce maintenance demands, and offer durable solutions to meet your needs for decades to come. Give us a call at 605-368-5547 or schedule an appointment online today.