3 Valuable Qualities That Make Off-Grid Living With Dome Homes a Smart Choice

Off-grid living with dome homes is the most efficient way to escape the power grid and live independent of public and private utilities. See how concrete domes are different for living off the grid.

Living off the grid is not a new fad. People have been building off-grid homes for decades in hopes of minimizing living costs, reducing dependence on public and private services, and returning to a simpler lifestyle.

As the trend continues to grow, off-grid living with dome homes is becoming a more popular option. And for good reason. These unique structures have some valuable features that other homes simply can’t compete with.

What Is Off-Grid Living?

At the start, off-grid living referred simply to living off the electrical “grid” and instead supplying power by another means. But today, that definition has expanded to include living with no need for utilities or services from outside the homeowner’s property.

Self-Supplied Electricity

First and foremost, living off the grid requires an independent source of electricity. Solar power is the most common option since it only requires solar panels and a clear view of the sun. But other options include hydro power, wind power, or geothermal power. The other options are more expensive to install, but they tend to be more sustainable over longer periods of time.

No Utility Dependency

Off-grid living also commonly eliminates the need for sewer and natural gas connections. Some homes may still use propane for some needs (which requires refilling on a regular basis), but other homes simply rely on solar power for all their heating, cooling, and energy needs. Sewer access may be replaced with either a self-sustaining septic system or with an outhouse (latrine) on the property.

Independent Water Source

A dependable supply of water is a necessity for off-grid living. Well water is one of the best options for this need. But rainwater collection systems also serve the purpose adequately. In both cases, homeowners will need an inline water purification system to have drinking water.

Self-Sufficient Living

Today, living off the grid goes beyond disconnecting from utilities. Many off-grid homeowners also work towards a sustainable agrarian lifestyle that allows them to disconnect from food source dependence. The goal is to establish a completely self-sufficient living system, reminiscent of pre-technology generations.

Some off-grid homes are truly minimalist and old-fashioned, calling back to a simpler time. But off-grid living with dome homes does not have to be a spartan endeavor.

Why Off-Grid Living with Dome Homes is a Smart Choice

3 valuable qualities for off-grid living with dome homes: minimal maintenance, energy efficiency, and safety & security. No conventional home can compete!

Modern off-grid living with dome homes can include all the amenities you expect in a conventional home. And the reason off-grid dome homes can pull it off is because of their unique construction.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Unlike conventional homes, off-grid dome homes are nearly impervious to rot, wear, and tear. The lack of organic materials allows the construction to remain intact against water and heat, while still handling cold and dry conditions with ease.

Dome homeowners love the minimal maintenance of these structures. An annual power washing for the air form and a few small patches will keep the home in top condition for decades.

When you’re living off the grid, it’s a huge benefit to know that your home won’t need constant upkeep to remain liveable.

Incredible Energy Efficiency

More than anything, off-grid living with dome homes is different because energy sourcing is so much easier. A few solar panels can keep the whole house cool in the hottest seasons and warm in the coldest ones. Compared to conventional construction, dome homes consume 75 percent less energy on average.

The concrete and spray foam construction is the key: concrete domes have a high thermal mass, and the spray foam insulation seals out any possible infiltration concerns. They’re watertight, airtight, and free of cracks or gaps in the building envelope. That’s something no other construction method can boast.

Unrivaled Safety and Security

Along with their energy efficiency, dome homes come with one of the highest safety ratings against natural disasters. The steel-reinforced concrete can handle earthquakes, wildfires, and tornadoes with ease. Not even category-5 hurricanes can destroy these homes. That makes off-grid living with dome homes both safe and efficient.

Modern Amenities Without the Grid

With the incredible energy savings off-grid living with dome homes provides, it’s easy to keep modern amenities in your dome home. The electricity requirements of modern appliances and devices won’t compete with the heating and cooling needs of your home, making it possible for the same solar panel surface area to power all the comforts of modern society in the same space that it would take just to keep a conventional home heated and cooled.

And with an expanded solar grid for your dome home, homeowners could easily add luxury features that make the home even more enjoyable. And one Colorado dome home did just that.

Build Your Off-Grid Dream Home with KingDome Builders

Have you been dreaming about building an off-grid home? There’s no better way to make it happen than with a dome home. With fully customizable floor plans, construction costs that remain comparable to similar conventional homes, and the added benefits of safety, maintenance, and energy efficiency, off-grid living with dome homes is the smart option today.

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