Concrete Dome Homes Spotlight: Sweet Dome Alabama

Concrete Dome Homes Spotlight - Sweet Dome Alabama

On 45 acres of beautiful Alabama forest rests a unique home known as Sweet Dome Alabama. Set on the east side of a mountain overlooking a valley, this dome home was custom built to meet the needs of a couple who had gone through hurricanes and wanted a solution that was both safe and green. While all concrete dome homes are unique, this one is especially interesting—and it’s for sale! Let’s take a look at what makes Sweet Dome Alabama a standout example of what dome construction can do.

Comfortable Living

As listed, Sweet Dome Alabama offers 2,133 square feet of living space. Inside the main dome, there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and ample living space. The home was built around the kitchen as the gathering place, and its open floor plan makes great use of the absence of any interior supports, one of the features almost entirely exclusive to concrete dome homes.

Customized for Curves

According to owners and builders Kenneth and Beverly Garcia, every element within the house was designed with the dome’s curved walls as a reference and inspiration. From the ornate curved-top doors and windows to the soft corners on the granite counters, this home was completely customized so that the amenities within complemented the curves instead of covering them up.

A Separate Utility Space

Instead of taking up space in the main living area with utilities, the home uses a second smaller dome structure to keep the HVAC system, inline water heater, and air exchange system, as well as a mud room and entryway. This separate dome maximizes the living space in the main dome. All the heating and cooling ducts, as well as gas lines and plumbing for the bathrooms and kitchen, are kept above the living space behind a dropped ceiling. The result? A clean, clutter-free space that allows easy access for repairs and maintenance.

Two-Car Garage

Past the utility dome, Sweet Dome Alabama has a third dome that serves as a garage and storage space. The owners can fit two cars in the dome to keep them safe during storms, as well as keeping them out of the hot summer temps and the cold winter conditions the New Hope area sees each year. In all, the three domes provide around 2,700 square feet of enclosed space.

The Hyperion and Multi-Domed Concrete Dome Homes

Many concrete dome homes utilize a multi-dome design. A single dome can provide many options, including a high enough vault to easily fit two levels of living space. But in a floor plan like the Hyperion, the basis for Sweet Dome Alabama, the owner can separate space as needed. Whether it’s for separate bedroom wings, a kids’ area, or a garage space, three interconnected domes provide space without feeling crowded or cramped.

This Alabama residence opted to place the largest dome on one end of the property, but not every piece of land offers the same views and benefits as this particular acreage. Many times, the choice is instead to place a large dome in the center of two smaller domes. The good news is that all concrete dome homes are custom homes. Whatever your preference or purpose, you can design the home to your dream specifications. For the Garcias, it meant plenty of living space, a climate-controlled garage, and a place for all the things they didn’t want around their living room and kitchen.

Environmentally Friendly

Sweet Dome Alabama is beautiful, but it offers more than good looks. From a nearly-indestructible shell to minimal heating and cooling costs, concrete dome homes like this are some of the most eco-friendly and sustainable options available today. The builders knew this, and they made it a point to extend that green philosophy throughout their construction process.

The HVAC system for Sweet Dome Alabama requires around 50% of the normal capacity for a house of this size. The thick polyurethane insulation between the stucco-covered airform exterior and the steel-reinforced concrete inner layer provides such climate stability inside these homes that it’s nearly impossible to tell what the weather is outside without stepping out. The energy costs, likewise, are about half what a conventional home requires.

That sustainability extends to reduced maintenance and material costs, as well as providing a home that can withstand the most extreme weather without requiring massive amounts of building material to keep it sturdy. And since New Hope is host to both tornadoes and hurricanes, the reputation concrete dome homes have for safety make them a great choice for Alabama’s mountainsides.

And to look more natural in the environment, this home uses a grey stucco exterior treatment to blend in with the moutains’ natural color pallette. The outdoor living spaces also give a more environmentally connected feeling to the home. Its minimal impact on the surrounding forest give visitors the feeling that it’s always been a part of the landscape.

Why Concrete Dome Homes?

Sweet Dome Alabama is a unique residence, to say the least, but its many benefits made it easy to choose dome construction over conventional home building. It looks natural, it provides energy efficiency, and it’s safe from nature’s forces. This kind of custom solution could only happen with a dome home.

So what does your dream home look like? Are you looking for safety and style? How about energy efficiency, spacious living, and room for guests? Concrete dome homes provide it all, along with customization limited only to your imagination. If this sounds like the kind of home you’ve been looking for, Brooks Construction is ready to help you see your vision through. Contact us online to come visit our model dome home, then sit down with us and start designing your custom dream home today!