5 Qualities that Set Dome Home Construction Apart

5 Qualities that set Dome Home Construction Apart

Conventional home construction is all around us. The rectangular and sharp-angled houses we are used to seeing provide shelter and safety from most of nature’s forces, but they still have shortcomings. And some of those shortcomings can’t be changed without a drastically different approach.

Concrete dome homes, on the other hand, carry some incredible advantages that set them apart from conventional home construction. When cost comparisons are made, the two options aren’t far from each other. But the benefits of dome homes set them far apart from conventional houses.

Home Construction with Unique Styling

Most streets we drive down are lined with homes that look much like each other. But dome homes demand the eye’s attention: instead of straight lines and angles, these unique homes stand out against the backdrop of box homes. The soft curves and versatile exteriors open up a world of possibilities that defy conventional home design standards. But the exterior is only the beginning.

One of the 5 qualities that set dome homes apart is their unique styling, exemplified by South Carolina's Eye of the Storm.
One of the 5 qualities that set dome homes apart is their unique styling, exemplified by South Carolina’s Eye of the Storm.

Completely Custom Design

Stepping inside a dome home before the interior is completed shows just how different dome home construction is from conventional options. Most homes require a great deal of structural and load-bearing walls throughout the framework. Concrete domes, however, require nothing structurally beyond the concrete shell itself. The blank canvas of the interior, then, is perfect for customizing into whatever you may dream.

Even more, the dome structure isn’t limited to just a single dome. Multiple integrated domes can create a large, open space for gathering together. The domes could also be connected by tunnels for a more modular structure. Some dome homeowners even build completely underground. The limit to customization is imagination alone!

Unbeatable Strength

A conventional home can guard against rain, sun, and wind, but the biggest storms and disasters can pull it apart quickly. This is where a dome home truly shines. Unlike any conventional home construction method, dome homes are naturally, and incredibly, strong.

The double-curved walls handle 200mph winds by distributing force across the entire surface. That means that hurricanes and tornadoes alike don’t have to be a concern. Meanwhile, the airform and polyurethane that make up the outer layers of the dome home act as a protective barrier against debris during violent storms. These structures can even withstand wildfires with minimal damage. This is peace of mind beyond anything conventional home construction can offer.

Dome home after Hurricane Dennis in 2005
A concrete dome home after Hurricane Dennis in 2005

Money-Saving Efficiency

Investing in the safety of dome home construction is more than enough incentive for most, but how would it feel to cut your utility bills in half? That’s what a concrete dome home provides. The thick polyurethane spray foam insulation sandwiched between the airform and the interior concrete provides an airtight seal against outside forces.

Along with the insulated ring foundation, the entire structure can maintain a stable interior climate, no matter what the weather brings. On the hottest days, as well as the coldest, there’s no way to tell what the temperature outside actually is until you step out of the home. Not only will you see incredible energy savings, but your home will stay more comfortable year round than conventional home construction.

True Sustainability

Energy efficiency is one important part of green living, but another is whether or not you’re using sustainable energy and materials. For dome homes, sustainability is a natural byproduct of this type of home construction. Rather than relying on wood as the primary material, dome homes use long-lasting polyurethane, PVC, and concrete.

While disposable plastic containers are generally frowned upon for their environmental impact, their lifespans make plastics ideal for a structure that is designed to last centuries. Concrete, likewise, will outlast and outperform almost any material in conventional construction. More than any other method today, longevity prevents the use of nonrenewable resources to repair and replace other homes.

Home Construction with a Competitive Price

Custom construction is expensive, no matter what. And since every dome home is a custom design from the start, it is likewise expensive. However, the investment is comparable to conventional homes. So why would someone choose the dome home instead?

Because dome homes eliminate almost all maintenance costs. The initial investment is only part of the story. Year-over-year savings in utility bills, maintenance, and repairs make dome home construction a much more frugal choice over the life of the home.

Not convinced yet? We think you should see a dome home for yourself. Brooks Construction has its very own model dome home right on our property, and we’d love to give you a guided tour to see firsthand all the benefits of this incredible home construction method. Plan your visit online today!