Dome Home Floor Plan Feature: The Octagon Dome Cabin

The Octagon Dome Cabin, a beautiful 4-bedroom floor plan that shows the versatility of concrete dome homes.

Vacation homes are becoming more and more popular, especially as hotel rates increase. This booming market makes it wise to invest in your own rental properties. And we have an option you might want to see: an octagon dome cabin. This unique take on concrete dome home construction offers many of the most desirable features of a vacation rental home in a nearly indestructible building.

An Octagon Dome Cabin for Getaways

This economically designed dome home is an ideal space for resorts, offering all the amenities of a conventional home, but with the strength and durability of a concrete dome. Even better, the energy efficiency of these homes makes it possible to heat and cool them year-round. That means that a resort with octagon dome cabins can work almost anywhere in the world, whether for cold hunting retreats or sunny beach getaways.

The Octagon Dome Cabin offers a relatively minimal footprint four a 4-bedroom vacation rental.

Plenty of Square Footage in a Small Footprint

One of the qualities of the octagon dome cabin that makes it a great option for a resort property is its relatively compact footprint. With a 43-foot diameter, the large interior space holds a kitchen and dining area, a central living room, and ample storage space.

But the true value in this efficient use of space is that it still provides enough room for four bedrooms in one place.

Family-Sized Bedrooms

These four bedrooms, each 120 square feet or more, set the octagon dome cabin in a class of vacation homes that families love renting. And with room enough for lofted bunks along the stem walls, this cozy octagon could comfortably sleep as many as twelve people, still leaving a private master bedroom for the parents!

Room to Gather and Entertain

But sleeping space shouldn’t be the end of any vacation home. The octagon dome cabin makes sure that you can both sleep and relax in comfort, offering a combined 390 square feet of space for cooking, eating, and conversation. And that still leaves room for a full-size laundry and utility closet for longer stays.

And to make sure there’s enough room for the vacationing family, an outdoor storage area offers a place to keep camping, fishing, or swimming gear. It’s a convenient feature for an outdoor-centered vacation rental.

Safety and Efficiency in Any Climate

Let’s say you’ve got land in the foothills of the Rockies. You’ll need a home strong enough to withstand several feet of snow each season. That kind of strength takes special construction techniques for conventional materials. Or, if you’re building in tropical climates, the threat of hurricanes makes it critical to have a home that can withstand this kind of extreme weather.

And there’s only one kind of building that can handle both of these extremes and still remain energy efficient as well. Concrete domes offer superior strength against massive structural loads and the ability to handle winds of more than 100 miles per hour with almost no damage.

Building an Octagon Dome Cabin Resort

Investing in vacation rentals and real estate is a great way to build financial stability, and dome homes make maintenance and utility costs much more affordable for the owners. In fact, the efficiency of dome homes is so incredible that even just the warmth of incandescent lighting could heat these homes over the winter months in many locations. An octagon dome cabin may be the perfect investment to start your rental business without the pressure of endless maintenance or high energy bills.

Ready to see what a concrete dome home could do for you? Give us a call to schedule a meeting, or plan a tour of our on-site dome home. Our team of experts can guide you through all the details and let you experience a real concrete dome house for yourself. We love these unique structures for more than jus their distinctive looks, and we think you’ll love them as well.