5 Simple Ways to Maintain Concrete Foundations

5 simple ways to maintain concrete foundations

Has your sump pump been running nonstop lately, even when it’s not raining? Do you notice your house groaning randomly? Have you seen new cracks develop in your ceilings or walls? If so, you’re likely seeing the consequences of foundation issues. If you don’t maintain concrete foundations properly, they can create some real issues. But keeping your basement in top shape doesn’t need to be expensive if you start before there’s major damage.

Why Should You Maintain Your Foundation?

Your foundation is the most fundamental support for your home. Your structural integrity depends largely on how stable, sturdy, and intact your foundation is. And since it supports the entire weight of your home, any weakness in your foundation could cause damage throughout your home.

The number one reason to maintain concrete foundations, then, is to protect your home from serious issues in the future. Cracking, sinking, or shifting in the foundation will result in cracks in your walls and ceilings, and you’ll likely also notice issues like unlevel doors, floors, and cabinetry as your foundation continues to shift.

How to Maintain Concrete Foundations

Maintaining your foundation means maintaining your home. And that means less cost in the end. Foundation repairs are expensive in almost every case, but preventative maintenance like the tips below cost very little other than your time. Simply keep these simple fixes in mind to keep your home safe, sound, and strong for decades to come.

1: Extend Your Downspouts

One of the simplest fixes to keep your basement safe from water problems is to get your water away from the foundation. Your gutter downspouts are designed to do just that, so long as they extend far enough from your home. It’s best to have your downspout extend at least three feet, and it may also be helpful add a downspout tray to ensure water doesn’t end up sitting near your foundation.

2: Grade Your Landscaping

Another simple solution to maintain concrete foundations more effectively is to keep your landscaping properly graded around your foundation. If you see your landscaping rock or soil sinking towards your house, or level with your house, backfill to slope away from the foundation instead. Since water always travels downhill, making the top of the hill around your house will keep the water from flowing back towards the foundation.

3: Do Visual Checks in Your Basement

The best way to maintain your foundation is through prevention, but proactive maintenance is the next best step. Check for visual signs of cracks, leaks, plumbing issues, or moisture in and around your foundation and basement floor. If you find issues when they’re still minor, you can save time, money, and stress in the long run.

4: Be Careful with Your Landscape Plant Choices

When you start choosing landscape plants and trees, it’s easy to get caught up in the look but forget about the logic. Trees and bushes that grow large or have large root systems can cause major damage to foundations if they’re planted too close to your home. Choose smaller plants with smaller root systems for near-foundation landscaping. Plant your big trees or shrubberies far from your home to better maintain concrete foundations from root damage.

5: Waterproof with Sealers for Seepage Issues

If you already have moisture issues through the walls or floors of your basement, consider a waterproof sealer system to stop further damage. Exterior sealing is best, since it keeps the moisture out of the foundation altogether. But interior sealing methods will provide protection from mold, further cracking, and water damage to possessions and furnishings.

What to Do When Your Foundation Needs Repairs

If you’re already seeing critical damage to your home’s foundation, you’ll need a professional concrete or foundation repair company to fix this damage. Large cracks or significant water infiltration won’t be stopped through the simple fixes above, although these fixes can still be beneficial to maintain concrete foundations after major repairs. Hiring a skilled and experienced concrete construction company guarantees that you’ll be able to correct the problems without concern of more water issues in the future.

At Brooks Construction, our top-rated teams are ready to repair your leaky or damaged foundation. With over 50 years of experience in concrete foundation construction and repair, we know what it takes to maintain your foundation for the long term. Contact us today to get an estimate for your foundation repair needs.