Survival Shelters Provide Refuge from Civil Unrest, Fear of the Unknown

Concrete Dome Survival Shelters Help You and Your Family Survive the Unknown

Our hope lies on things eternal, but it’s wise to prepare for the unknown while we’re still on this earth. Things such as pandemics, increasing division in America, growing threats of terror, and international tensions are all causes for concern. Now, more than ever, a concrete dome survival shelter is the solution many of us need.

Common Questions When Considering Concrete Domes as Survival Shelters

Concrete dome homes have sat on the sidelines of the home building industry in our region for a while now, but as the world becomes more and more unstable, people are starting to recognize the benefits of these egg-shaped bunkers. In an interview with CNBC, designer and engineer Nanette South Clark says, “People feel safer in a dome. Domes have a double curvature like an egg so they’re very strong. They’re the buildings of the future.”

As the economy wobbles, natural disasters increase in number and severity, and civil unrest bubbles up around us, having a sanctuary for your family to retreat to can seriously ease your mind. The design and structure of a concrete dome survival shelter allow for some incredible benefits that make them very appealing during these troubled times. It’s important to have a plan so that when the worst happens, you know what to do to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

A concrete dome survival shelter is a proactive way you can prepare for anything from windstorms to nuclear fallout. Now is the time to get started, but a lot of people don’t know where to begin. Here are some common questions people have when considering a concrete dome shelter:

What Is A Concrete Dome Home?

A dome home is a heavily insulated, steel-reinforced concrete structure. Ranging from small cottages to gigantic football stadiums, domes can be customized to fit your exact needs. They provide a variety of options for individual design, both inside and out. Not only are they unique and beautiful, but they are also competitively priced with traditional home construction.

Concrete Dome Construction
Constructing A Concrete Dome

Is A Concrete Dome Safer Than A Traditional House?

These dome-shaped survival shelters meet the FEMA qualifications for an official safe room. That means they provide “near-absolute” protection in the event of extreme wind events like tornados and hurricanes. So when natural disasters strike, a concrete dome can become a readily available family retreat.

As CNBC says, “The dome’s balanced shape is self-supporting and strong enough to withstand the force of an EF5 tornado, a monster hurricane or a powerful earthquake. Dome buildings made of concrete can deflect falling buildings and flying debris, even airborne trees and cars. Plus, the roof won’t blow off.”

Are Concrete Domes Difficult To Heat?

Insulated with high-grade foam, domes provide almost complete control over their internal environments. The dome resists external changing temperatures, which means you need less power to heat and cool it. Even a small electric furnace can hold up against a full blizzard, keeping the dome snug and warm with minimal effort. In the 80s, a dome in Idaho withstood a week of below zero temperatures and only dipped 10 degrees, the lowest being a balmy 60°F. A traditional house would have frozen solid overnight.

Water and snow slide right off because of a dome’s sloped exterior, so you don’t have to worry about your roof collapsing. All water pipes exist within the insulation of the dome, preventing bursting from freezing temperatures. The dome’s secure structure and unmatched temperature regulation can mean the survival of your family in the event of a catastrophe. 

Are Concrete Domes Expensive?

Domes require 25%-50% less materials than a traditional home, which can affect costs. At Brooks Construction, we price our dome homes to be competitive with conventional home construction. You don’t have to pay through the nose to get all the benefits of a dome house. Plus, you get all the creative customization and uniqueness that a dome home provides. Concrete construction is our specialty, so you can count on pure efficiency and expertise when you partner with us to build your doomsday home.

Can I Grow Food In A Concrete Dome?

Absolutely, yes! Dome greenhouses are one of the most efficient ways to grow plants. The first benefit is that your crops are separated from the outside world, completely protected from bugs, animals, pollutants, and weather. With your control over the environment, sunlight, and water, you can grow any plant in any climate year-round. Your crops are protected from natural disasters like wind storms, heavy/acidic rains, ash, etc. In the event food becomes limited, your personal Garden of Eden will ensure your survival.

How Do I Get Started?

Learn everything you can! Talk to an expert about your situation and goals. You can also schedule a tour of a dome house. Until you experience the lofty ceiling and secure envelope of the dome, you won’t know what you’re missing. There are tons of different designs and floor plans to make a dome structure fit all of your needs. You really can feel secure going into the uncertain times ahead. 

If you’re wringing your hands and wiping your brow over fear of the future, we can assure you, you don’t have to feel powerless. Give us a call and schedule a tour. You really can feel prepared for the coming days. Let’s get you ready for the end of the world!