Brooks Construction: A Team As Strong As The Concrete We Pour

Brooks Construction Crew with owner Ray Brooks. Our team is strong because our people are great.

Career Opportunities In Concrete Construction

Construction work takes dedication, attention to detail, and passion to get it right. And at Brooks, we’re proud of the concrete our team has poured over the last nine decades.

We’re ready to keep building our community for another nine, but that takes the right kind of people. Do you want to be part of a lasting heritage in the Sioux Falls area and beyond?

Why Work at Brooks?

Brooks Construction has been providing the highest quality commercial and residential concrete construction since 1946. Want to know how a company can thrive so long? We’ll tell you our secret: it’s all about our team.

Companies are only as good as the employees they hire, and we want you. 

But we don’t just want you to work for us. We want you to build a career that benefits your family just as much as your work benefits our community. And this is how we make that a reality.

Family Matters

Our greatest investment is in the living, breathing building blocks that uphold our business: our experienced crews. Brooks Construction places a great emphasis on the individual and their families—we value you and your loved ones. We strive to create a schedule that supports you and your family, and we do our best to minimize overnight travel and accommodate the needs of our employees’ spouses and dependents.

Grow Together

We are a team focused on personal development and building a tight-knit team culture. You should be able to rely on your fellow employees and supervisors. We encourage team bonding and strong relationships. On-the-job training is provided to lift employees to success and build their skills for personal and professional growth. We don’t want you to live to work. You should enjoy what you do, and Brooks Construction doesn’t just give you a salary. We give you a sustainable lifestyle.

Trust Or Bust

The relationship between an employer and its employees is sacred, with trust being a critical component of what makes our culture so strong. Career opportunities with Brooks Construction offer a lot of autonomy to the right individuals, so we are looking for employees who can work with minimal direction and carve their own path. 

You Deserve The Best

Except for our concrete, few things are as reliable as our care for our valued crew members. Brooks Construction offers our full-time team members an extensive benefits package including paid time off, 401k, dental, vision, on-the-job training, and dependent care assistance. We believe that happy employees make a great culture, and that leads to everyone’s success!

Build Your Community

Our work in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and the surrounding region is personal. We build the homes and businesses of friends and neighbors. Concrete construction is the literal foundation of a community, and by working at Brooks Construction, you can play a key role in helping our city and region continue to grow. Take the first step to join a team of hardworking, innovative craftsmen ready to grow themselves and our communities when you apply today.

What We Look For

Concrete construction requires a variety of tasks including forming, placing, finishing, protecting, and repairing all concrete surfaces according to specifications and drawings. Safety policies are of the utmost importance. Skills include proper use of chemicals and hand and power tools as they pertain to each task or surface treatment. And knowledge of slump, concrete testing, additives, curing procedures, spec requirements, weather conditions, proper cross slopes, and acceptable tolerances of all sidewalks, ADA ramps, curbs, driveways, and other concrete structures is preferred.

If you are looking for rewarding and meaningful work in construction, we’d love to talk.

Click here to apply today. We can’t wait to hear from you!